Wanted: Replacement Body Parts


I woke up recently and came to the conclusion that several parts of my body have already retired.   I’m really not sure when it happened, and I’m really not complaining about it.

I know that this is an inevitable part of aging. It’s just that I am 59 years old, and having parts of my body living in some retirement community and acting like they’re 80 makes the start of the day a little more difficult and definitely more noticeable. Of course, now that I think about it, maybe that’s what’s supposed to happen. Maybe the stiff neck and aching back and swollen fingers are supposed to remind me to take notice of myself. Maybe it’s one of nature’s post-its.

Speaking of a stiff neck…I can’t find a pillow that works, and I really don’t want to hear suggestions about “the perfect one.” I’ve tried them all. I’ve come to a conclusion about that, too. My 59 year old neck just doesn’t sleep well anymore. It also doesn’t like to turn and look behind when I’m backing up in my car, it doesn’t like looking down at my tablet for long periods of time, and it doesn’t like carrying my head around. It’s done. It’s had enough. It’s one of my body parts that has relocated to Palm Springs.

I suspect my feet are next.

I overheard them making reservations at a Maui resort.


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