Mystery In The Shower

It was 5:00 am and still dark out. My household was asleep, except for one of our cats who was pounding on the bedroom door.  I walked into the bathroom, peed, brushed my teeth, took my morning medications and turned on the shower. I stepped in as soon as it heated up, got under the hot water, felt the “ahhhh” of the moment, went to grab the shampoo, and there it was. Much to my surprise, a paper clip that had been bent open was sitting on the ledge inside the shower. I wanted to scream out, “What the hell is a bent paper clip doing in the shower,” but everyone was asleep. I was left to solve the mystery myself

I looked around to see what it could have possibly been used for. Something with the drain? I can’t see what. Something with the shower head? I really don’t think so.

I decided that there were only two things I could do:

1) Wait until someone wakes up and ask.

2) Ask my followers (and others) on WordPress.

I opt for number two.

So here is the question: Why the hell was there a bent paper clip in my shower?


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